Ask The Professor: The #1 Reason Why You Failed The Bar Exam

Should I have studied tougher?
Maybe I am not slice out to be a lawyer?
Friends who invested much less time learning than me passed.  How is that doable?
What’s mistaken with me?

These are just a number of of the issues we have listened to about the final 70 yrs of planning legislation college students for the bar test.

On the other hand, our most commonly questioned problem is: “Why did I fail the bar test?

The solution is a fairly very simple just one. It is not about how a lot legislation you know, it is about recognizing how to score points with the legislation you do know.

And it is why you unsuccessful the bar test, much too.

You did not need to have to analyze tougher, you undoubtedly are slice out to be a lawyer, and almost nothing is mistaken with you (at the very least not when it arrives to learning for the bar test.)

How do we know this? We specialize in assisting college students retaking the bar test to move on their subsequent attempt. We have developed and teach the only bar course designed completely for all those retaking the Uniform Bar Examination (which is now administered in 54% of jurisdictions and will probable expand to various extra in the in close proximity to future). Though your very first time bar evaluate training course simply just “reviewed” the legislation, our training course trains you on how to score points and solution issues when you do not know the legislation and what to do with your understanding to maximize test effectiveness when you do know the legislation.

A very first-time bar training course teaches a great deal of rules. It generically provides you with a evaluate of the legislation and presents you a primary strategy of what to do on the test, but it does not educate you on how to maximize your understanding to receive points on the test. You on your own have to make your mind up what to memorize and how to utilize the legislation you are finding out to the issues. You do this on your own — employing the very same capabilities and procedures that labored for you in legislation university. And that is why bar final results mimic legislation university standing you move in GPA purchase at the time of graduation and a bar training course does not assist you do far better on the bar test than you did in legislation university.

When college students fail the bar test, they are faced with the problem of what to do on their subsequent attempt. They generally decide on to independently analyze or just retake their very first-time bar training course for a discounted charge. And then they speculate why they unsuccessful again.

And the circumstance is obtaining worse. Repeat check takers comprised about 70% of the February 2018 bar test candidates and experienced an average MBE score of 132., a 1.7-stage decrease in contrast to February 2017 and a continuation of the craze of slipping scores and passage costs for retakers.

When retaking the bar test, you need to have to target on memory and test effectiveness. If you studied difficult the very first time around, you know or at the very least have most of the rules you need to have. You do not need to have to get a very first-time training course to obtain extra rules. Your trouble now is that you need to have to learn how to utilize the rules you know to the check issues to increase your score.

Why did you fail?

Because you could not get sufficient points to move. It is why equally very first-timers and retakers fail.

The problem you should be asking is this: how do I move the bar the subsequent time around?

Right here is some suggestions about restudying for the Uniform Bar Examination:

  1. Do not go it on your own.Really don’t just squirrel up in some space and analyze prior bar material. You need to have assist. Think about a tutor or a specialised training course like the Marino Retaker Training course. You need to have composition and guidance. You need to have a approach that will perform for you.
  2. Do not “surgically” analyze. Do not make your mind up that you unsuccessful for the reason that of a specified issue or section of the check and focus on just bringing that part up your score on the other sections will probable drop. You need to have balanced planning whilst also trying to proper what did not perform for you the final time.
  3. Really don’t just do tons of issues with out laying a substantive and talent basis.Be strategic, reacquaint oneself with the legislation, learn a system, observe it, and then perfect it by executing tons of issues when you are all set — not suitable from the start off.When it arrives to executing issues, good quality not amount is critical. Remember, the bar examiners wrote each problem with a certain solution in brain. To come across that solution, you need to have a system and you need to have to produce that system to perform inside the constrained amount of time allotted. If you are having troubles with the MBE look at finding out the Marino MBE technique. It is special and teaches and trains you on a system that has been thriving in boosting 1000’s of students’ MBE scores.
  4. Really don’t confuse familiarity with understanding.Learners go about the very same notes they studied the very first time and get much less out of them for the reason that they are familiar and they considerthey know them. Do not just study about your notes with out contemplating regardless of whether you truly realize how to utilize the rules.
  5. Examine rules, not issue locations.Understand a rule and how to score points with it. Really don’t be concerned about the massive photo. You are not schooling to be a legislation university professor you are schooling to move this just one test. Concentrate just on the rules that are tested on the UBE and memorize them.

The #1 Cause why You unsuccessful the bar test is that you did not score sufficient points. You presently studied the legislation when you studied for the test. This time, target on how to utilize that legislation to receive extra points. Boost your procedures and your technique and your score will boost. You will see it occur!

Wishing you Fantastic Luck!!!

P.S. If you unsuccessful, just send out us your score report and we will go about it with you. There is no charge or dedication. We will convey to you exactly what went mistaken and what you need to have to do to move. Just e mail your score report to and we will be in contact quite shortly.

If you have been unsuccessful on the bar test and would like a free of charge evaluation of your score report from the bar test experts at Marino, just e mail it to or submit it in this article.

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