California Cannabis Countdown: The City of San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo California cannabis
SLO is imagining as a result of its choices for hashish.

California has 58 counties and 482 included cities across the condition, each with the solution to make its individual guidelines or ban cannabis altogether. In this California Hashish Countdown sequence, we address who is banning hashish, who is embracing hashish (and how), and absolutely everyone in between. For each city and county, we’ll discuss its location, record with hashish, latest legislation, and proposed legislation to give you a clearer photo of the place to locate your California cannabis enterprise, how to maintain it lawful, and what you will and will not be allowed to do.

Our very last California Hashish Countdown write-up was on the City of Redding, and prior to that the City of San Rafael, City of Hayward, Alameda County, Oakland, San Francisco, Sonoma County, the City of Davis, the City of Santa Rosa, County and City of San Bernardino, Marin County, Nevada County, the City of Lynwood, the City of Coachella, Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, the City of Desert Warm Springs, Sonoma County, the City of Sacramento, the City of Berkeley, Calaveras County, Monterey County and the City of Emeryville.

Today’s write-up is on the City of San Luis Obispo (not the County). We’ll give an update on what the County is up to up coming 7 days.

Welcome to the California Hashish Countdown.

AreaSan Luis Obispo (affectionately referred to as SLO) is a city in San Luis Obispo County and is household to California Polytechnic State College (nicely sort of, given that Cal Poly’s campus sits just outside the house the City restrictions and is part of the County). SLO is positioned in California’s Central Coastline at about the midway issue if you’re driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If you want to expend the evening or make a pit end, look at out the quirky Madonna Inn.

Heritage with Hashish: San Luis Obispo now prohibits all commercial and industrial hashish enterprise routines. The City, like a several range of other California jurisdictions, enacted its ban prior to January 01, 2018 (SLO enacted its hashish prohibition ordinance in March of 2017). The City’s prohibition wasn’t meant to be long lasting as practically sixty-eight p.c of SLO voters authorized the Grownup-Use of Cannabis Act (a/k/a Prop 64). As an alternative, the purpose of the City’s ban was to act as a short term stopgap whilst the City sought community opinions for a extensive-expression hashish option. This “prohibit whilst we examine the challenge dance” is now playing out throughout California. Due to the fact its moratorium, the City held a range of hearings and workshops in purchase to engage the community so that it could get started to acquire a hashish regulatory composition. To that conclude the City’s Community Improvement Director (CDD) ready a report for the City Council to discuss now, February 20th.

Proposed Hashish Legal guidelines: The CDD report is the first phase in enacting a hashish ordinance. When drafting the report, the CDD utilised community opinions and hashish laws in other jurisdictions as guideposts. The intention of the report is to propose an ordinance that will control the hashish market and that is satisfactory to the City Council and the community. Listed here are some of the report’s highlights:

  • It authorizes each clinical and adult-use hashish routines.
  • Authorizes up to a few retail licenses.
  • Shipping and delivery is allowed.
  • Outdoor cultivation is prohibited.
  • There will be a few kinds of indoor cultivation license kinds: Distinctive Cultivator (up to 5,000 sq. feet), Tiny Cultivator (up to 10,000 sq. feet), and Nursery (up to 10,000 sq. feet).
  • Distinctive and Tiny cultivators can consist of processing.
  • There will be a citywide cultivation cap of 70,000 sq. feet.
  • Only non-unstable hashish production is allowed.
  • Distribution and screening are allowed.
  • Onsite consumption and hashish occasions are prohibited.
  • Programs would be reviewed and rated by a third occasion specialist (the City is however doing the job on a conditions for rating apps).
  • The CDD questioned irrespective of whether hashish solutions with high concentrations of THC should be banned.
  • The CDD questioned irrespective of whether individuals less than the age of 21 (no matter of clinical recommendation) should be prohibited from dispensaries.

The CDD report is by no suggests a completed product, as even further way from the City Council and input from the community can considerably change (for far better or worse) what the ultimate hashish regulation will look like for SLO. If all goes nicely, the City will hold a further listening to in entrance of the Planning Fee on March 28 and potentially undertake a resolution on May 01. We’ll be guaranteed to maintain you posted.

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