California Cannabis: Scams and Schemes of the Week

california cannabis scam

I have experienced it with the ripoffs and schemes in the hashish sector. I have by no means noticed so a lot dangerously ignorant and downright legal habits. Given that starting function in the hashish sector, I have nonetheless to go a working day without encountering some kind of rip-off. The unscrupulousness of some lawyers, consultants, and operators in this sector requires to be termed out and removed so we can establish an moral, regulated sector in California. In the direction of that end, I’ll be publishing a weekly listing of ripoffs and schemes to assist unsuspecting victims stay away from finding taken for a journey.

Fraud #1: We Change Your Hard cash into a Verify By way of Serious Estate Financial commitment!

There is a team pitching a scheme to convert dispensary cash into checks that can be deposited in the lender. The approach: fork your cash around to this team. They toss your cash in with other “investors” and buy real estate with it. They flip the house, and deliver the proceeds to you in a examine. People, this is textbook cash laundering. The pitcher of this rip-off is exhibiting at sector conferences throughout the nation and handing out “attorney-approved” contracts. Brazen, silly, and unsafe for all associated.

Fraud #2: Cannabis Cryptocurrency

If you want a lesson on what the governing administration thinks about combining anonymous cryptocurrency with a federally prohibited material, glance no even further than the life sentence handed down to Ross Ulbricht, creator of the Silk Road. Ulbricht was convicted of money laundering, laptop hacking, and conspiracy to visitors narcotics. These are the exact identical charges that could be brought in opposition to any hashish cryptocurrency organization. Don’t get me commenced on the benefit of hashish cryptocurrency on the secondary sector. It’s total b.s.

Fraud #3: You Need to Cultivate Prior to Acquiring a Permit

Most people today chuckle out loud when they hear this. Unfortunately, there are a couple lawyers who present their clients with downright legal suggestions, attempting to persuade would-be enterprise associates or landlords to interact in illegal habits. The times of collectives and “creative” lawyering to get about the legal guidelines are around. We now have a robust regulatory system under MAUCRSA that tends to make it distinct that you simply cannot interact in any kind of commercial hashish action ahead of obtaining all regional approvals and a condition license.

Fraud #4: Your DUI Lawyer Can Take care of Your Tax Audit

Just say no. You are a reputable enterprise, and you have to have to keep a reputable and seasoned lawyer to tackle your lawful issues See Seven Keys to Picking Your Cannabis Enterprise Legislation Firm.

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