Call for Chapters: Emerging Dimensions of Cyber Law by UPES: Submit Abstracts by May 15

About the Reserve

The Data and Communication Systems have turn into a lifeline for e- Trade, e- Commerce, M-Commerce, e- Communication and e- Governance in 21st century. In modern day circumstance Cyberspace, Internet, E-Commerce, Social- Networking Portal and the world-wide-web in the lap of new Data and Communication Systems have been creating at an astounding amount.

From a compact group of American researchers, navy and governing administration workers 20 5 decades ago, the Internet (Internet) now has a inhabitants of tens of millions throughout the world impacting human development of various classes, cultural varieties, multiple backgrounds and numerous passions. The borderless and unsure framework of technological arena has presented a fertile system for violation of Cyber etiquette.

Main rising issues in the age of cyber space are ranging from the Dim Internet Jurisprudence, on the web arbitration and dispute settlement, digital copyright, digital medications, on the web interactions and so on. This edited e book examines the symbiotic partnership between Regulation and Technological revolution.

An environment characterized by immediate technological evolution has posed unanswered troubles in entrance of Indian Lawful Jurisprudence. These issues are: lawful uncertainty, lawful vacuum, lawful method and lawful hold off. Lawful lethargic reaction over the application of existing and conventional regulation to newly rising technologies catalyzes the cyber crime and the selection of digital evidences in the digital space.

The aim of this edited e book is to take a look at the rising proportions in Cyber regulation, to fill up the vacuum in which new regulation is needed to be introduced and to encode the ideas by scholars, academicians, young lawful minds and experts working in the subject. Edited e book will be published by the most effective Regulation Publisher of the nation or reputed global Publisher.

  • Regulation of Cyberspace: Socio-Lawful Viewpoint
  • Liberty of Speech in Cyberspace
  • Dim Internet Jurisprudence
  • Cyber Safety Worries in Cyberspace
  • Knowledge Privacy in Cyberspace and the Structure of India
  • Cyberstalking and Social Media
  • Demonetization and e-Banking Worries
  • Bitcoins and Regulation
  • Investigation in Internet Crimes
  • Cyber Forensics and Indian Proof Regulation O Digital Proof and the Indian Proof Regulation
  • Copyright Troubles in Cyberspace
  • Social Networking Websites and Cyber crimes
  • Any Theme linked to Cyber Regulation
Submission Rules

All submissions are to be manufactured via e-mail as term paperwork (ideally Microsoft Phrase 2007 or 2010).

Authors can post their manuscripts to Editors at or

Submission Deadlines

Submission Of Abstracts: 15th Might, 2018

Ultimate submission Of Whole Paper: 15th July, 2018

Authors who do not abide by these rules may well have their submission returned to them with no becoming reviewed.

For information, watch the official notification given here.


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