CfP: Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights, Violence & Dictatorship @ Gdansk, Poland [June 7-8]: Submit by May 10

About the Conference 

In the time when human legal rights are violated on a regular basis, violence triumphs, and feeble democracies ever much more normally back down ahead of authoritarian rule, there clearly arises the need to reflect on the probable ways of counteracting such phenomena.

Our interdisciplinary convention is meant as a fitting chance for this reflection. We would like to glimpse at various manifestations of dictatorship, violence and human legal rights violation, regardless of whether historic or present-day.

We will explain them in political, social, psychological, cultural and numerous other phrases. We also want to devote substantial focus to how the circumstance of human legal rights and dictatorship is represented in inventive techniques: in literature, movie, theatre or visual arts.

Phone for Papers

We invite scientists symbolizing various academic disciplines: record, politics, psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, literary studies, theatre studies, movie studies, fantastic arts, design and style, memory studies, migration studies, consciousness studies, aspiration studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies, health-related sciences, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, cognitive sciences, economics, legislation and other.

Distinctive varieties of shows are encouraged, including situation studies, theoretical investigations, trouble-oriented arguments, and comparative analyses.

We will be pleased to hear from the two skilled scholars and young academics at the get started of their occupations: doctoral students, graduate and undergraduate students. We also invite all people fascinated in participating in the convention as listeners, without the need of supplying a presentation.

We hope that owing to its interdisciplinary mother nature, the convention will convey numerous attention-grabbing observations on and conversations about the purpose of human legal rights and dictatorship in the past and in the existing-day planet.

Our repertoire of instructed matters incorporates but is not restricted to:

I. Societies

  • Genocides
  • Slavery
  • Nationalism
  • Chauvinism
  • Xenophobia
  • Ethnic cleansings
  • Spiritual dictatorships
  • The Holocaust
  • Apartheid
  • (Neo)Nazism

II. Persons

  • Domestic violence
  • Mobbing
  • Bullying in university
  • Bullying in the army
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sado-masochism
  • Symbolic violence
  • Financial discrimination
  • Ageism

III. Protection of Human Legal rights

  • Human legal rights businesses
  • Humanitarian missions
  • Resistance movement
  • The ethos of a freedom fighter
  • Conspiracies, protests, revolts
  • Racial equality
  • Performative race
  • Women’s legal rights
  • Sexual minority legal rights
  • Disability legal rights
  • Human legal rights and animal legal rights

IV. Fallen Dictatorships

  • Democracy in transition
  • Publish-communist countries
  • Amnesties
  • The revenge of the oppressed
  • Prison courts/ courts of justice
  • Escape from freedom
  • Nostalgia for the routine
  • Dictator’s psychological portrait

V. Violence and Subjectivity

  • Politics of trauma
  • Anxiety, despair and utopia
  • Violence and language
  • Dictatorship as a social symptom
  • Dictatorship, remembrance and forgetfulness

VI. Violence in the (Publish)Modern-day Globe

  • Cultural conditioning of violence
  • Dictatorship of the young
  • Dictatorship of the outdated
  • Dictatorship and conformism
  • The routine of political correctness
  • Democracy and the dictatorship of the majority
  • Democracy and liberalism
  • Human legal rights and the absolutely free sector
  • Violence in the media

VII. Literature and the Arts

  • Literature and art about human legal rights violation
  • Literature and art about violence
  • Literature and art engaged in human legal rights defense
  • Literature and art violating human legal rights

Be sure to post abstracts (no more time than 300 words and phrases) of your proposed 20-moment shows, jointly with a short biographical note, by 10 May 2018 to:

Affirmation of acceptance will be sent by May 13, 2018.

Venue: Concentrate Hotel High quality Gdańsk

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