Cinco de Derby — See Also

THOMAS COOLEY Law Attempts TO Defend Alone, Alone: Precise quote: “In these times of political correctness, the total concept of minstrelsy seems preposterous,” [Cooley founder Tom Brennan wrote]. “But the truth of the matter is that minstrelsy was enjoyable.”

TRUMP Finishes GIULIANI Week: Turns out, it was all a aspiration.

U.T. LAW’S Former Services Manager IS IN SOME Hassle: And because it is Texas, by some means the scandal involves Hooters.

Talking OF TEXAS, THESE BAR PASSAGE Charges Will not HUNT: February move costs are normally lower. But the 45% Texas bar takers posted is the cheapest move amount in 22 several years.

There’s AN RBG DOCUMENTARY: She’s not useless still!

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