CLAT Advice: Do Not Join Any Lower Ranked National Law University (NLU) and What to Do Instead [UPDATED WITH FAQs ANSWERED]

By Tanuj Kalia

Initial printed on Might 18, 2016. Up-to-date on Might 31, 2018.

A modest piece of suggestions for CLAT aspirants: Remember to do NOT join the decreased ranked NLUs (anything at all soon after GNLU/HNLU).

It’s better to join a very good legislation college or university in Delhi or Mumbai (or even Bangalore and Pune) than analyze in the decreased ranked NLUs.

The reason is very simple and two-fold. Just one, in a city like Delhi or Mumbai you’d have something very good (a convention, workshop, or a talk and many others.) occurring practically each individual weekend. Attending these would assist you boost your information/techniques, establish your total persona/self, and build your contacts.

Also, for the reason that you’d have a very good number of quality organizations (NGOs, legislation firms, attorney places of work, and many others.) based mostly in these towns, you can easily choose for soon after-college or university hrs internships which will yet again build your skills/information and your contacts.

The earlier mentioned will translate into a lot more avenues for all-spherical improvement and gaining ’employ-means mileage’ (techniques, activities, networking, and many others.)

The predicament at the bottom NLUs is bad on practically all fronts (besides for the fact that your peer team will be wise and hard-operating).

The predicament is bad specially on 2 fronts:

1. The placements at ALL decreased ranked NLUs have been dismal throughout the yrs. Remember to check out the stats on LegallyIndia and BarandBench and do your impartial exploration.

2. Faculty (normally speaking) is pathetic across the colleges (which includes in best NLUs with an exception of NLU Delhi).

A lot of people have argued “Give these colleges time. Even NLSIU took time to build“. On the other hand, this argument has been heading for way far too extended with no obvious indication of things enhancing.

Sadly, no new NLU (with the exception of NLU Delhi) has proven even a glimmer of hope.

Sorry for currently being pessimistic here. But as I have claimed, there’s an alternative.

You may well, however yet again, assert: “No. NLUx will do very well for the reason that of the NLU tag“. Well, it may well. But if you have to solution “Will it do very well?” by analyzing the NLU heritage and producing an educated guess about its potential, the solution will be a clear NO.

PS- I have been watching the improvement of legislation educational institutions closely considering the fact that 2008 and the earlier mentioned is what my suggestions for my cousins and youthful good friends would be.

PPS- About me: I graduated from NUJS in 2013. I operate, a popular web page for legislation college students (you are here). My book ‘Law as a Career’ was printed in 2015 by LexisNexis, a major lawful publisher.

UPDATE [June 1, 2018, 8.55 PM]

Dependent on the mobile phone phone calls and comments we have obtained, here are some solutions to the FAQs:

1. To come across the very good legislation educational institutions in Delhi or Mumbai check out out rankings by some popular publications or the NIRF rankings. When these rankings are NOT to be trustworthy, the best 25-30 list will give you some concept about what very good options could be.

2. The earlier mentioned suggestions does NOT implement to LLM packages. LLB graduates are greatest recommended to get in touch with good friends/connections who have accomplished the LLM program from the worried NLU.

If you are carrying out an LLM program for the NLU tag, the way forward is rather evident: the a lot more reputed the NLU the better. If you carrying out an LLM program for serious exploration, acquiring 2-3 wonderful school members at a certain legislation college under whom you’d want to do the job under need to maintain you in very good stead. Your quest then results in being acquiring the appropriate school/mentor than acquiring the appropriate legislation college (you can easily e mail/phone these school members for a chat).

3. NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR Hyderabad, NUJS Kolkata, NLU Delhi (not CLAT, but continue to), NLIU Bhopal, NLU Jodhpur, and GNLU Gandhinagar are best institutes. HNLU Raipur is very good far too.

If you are enamored by the NLU tag, you can take into account MNLU Mumbai, RMLNLU Lucknow, NUALS Kochi, and NLU Odisha (as opposed to these, I’d continue to advise heading to a very good college or university in Delhi or Mumbai, but continue to). For now, I’d strongly advise versus heading to NLUs other than these.

4. Some commenters have accused me of basing my suggestions on the ‘number of legislation firm recruitments’. Apologies if it will come across like that, but almost nothing could be farther from the fact.

I have personally and skillfully (via Lawctopus) encouraged alternative (even non-lawful) occupation paths. Delhi or Mumbai (like any other big city) offer you a lot more avenues to take a look at a lot of things.

5. This suggestions will not maintain for correct for those people who want an alternative path. Some of you may well want to do the job in rural regions or even take a look at residing in a lesser position, and that’s wonderful! There cannot be a one-dimensions-fits-all piece of suggestions.

This article was 1st printed on: Might 18, 2016

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