Counterfeit Handbags Are Getting Harder and Harder to Spot

Designer knockoffs have arrive a long way from Canal Street. This is what you want to search for.

Street style from Paris Fashion Week. Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images (Note: this photo is not intended to depict a counterfeit handbag.)

Street model from Paris Style Week. Image: Christian Vierig/Getty Pictures (Notice: this picture is not meant to depict a counterfeit handbag.)

For decades, visitors have flocked to counterfeit hubs like New York City’s Canal Street to cop knockoff purses from men and women discreetly whispering designer names like “Gucci” and “Louis” to passersby, leading them into clandestine back rooms or even (in my practical experience, long in the past) a automobile trunk in a close by parking whole lot crammed with plastic-wrapped purses. And inspite of plenty of raids, airport interceptions, lawsuits by luxurious models and entire coalitions devoted to curbing the production and stateside distribution of these unlawful counterfeit solutions, like the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC), the current market is thriving and even advancing.


Fakes are having far more realistic. Though distinguishing a fake from a genuine handbag utilized to be a relatively uncomplicated and easily Google-able process, you will find been an explosion of what some are contacting “tremendous fakes,” “Triple-A fakes” or “line-for-traces” above the previous five or so several years. To the untrained eye, they search like the genuine point. You could even have a person your self and not know it. Our have Alyssa was after instructed by The RealReal that her Balenciaga bag — which she obtained at a well known luxurious retail chain and experienced no cause to doubt the authenticity of — was fake.

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