Did You Know The Justice Department Was Anti-Vax Now?

The Division of Justice has taken up the circumstance of an anti-vaxxer in Wisconsin… for the reason that the night is dim and whole of terrors.

Barnell Williams isn’t the chemtrail/vaccines-lead to-autism/large-authorities-conspiracy flavor of anti-vax foolishness. She’s the spiritual/physique-is-temple/pray-the-flu-absent kind of nut. This difference does not issue to the viruses, but probably does to the Justice Division. Anyplace somebody’s deeply held spiritual perception is in the posture to hurt or humiliate some others, the United States Division of Justice is there to deliver legal address.

It’s fashionable to assume that anti-vaxxers are only hurting on their own and their kids, but that is not how communicable disease will work. Williams refused to get a flu shot, which seems like a de minimis workout of personal stupidity… until finally I tell you that she Functions IN A NURSING House. In terms of natural predators for old persons, the flu is right up there with step-ladders and the QVC channel. You should not be allowed to bus tables at Denny’s, until you have had your flu shot.

Nevertheless, the Ozaukee County’s Lasata Treatment Center, which is owned by the county, had a method for objecting to the flu shot. Primarily, you had to get a letter from your clergy that you have so a lot Holy Ghost Electric power that the flu is afraid of you. Then they fold the observe into the condition of a SARS mask and you are superior to go. OR Some thing. I swear to Christ if I tried using to shop a family members member in a nursing house and they died from the flu for the reason that some Jesus-freak didn’t get their shot, I’d sue the county for the rest of my natural everyday living.

Williams couldn’t get a observe from her clergy-human being for the reason that she’s not affiliated with any church. No no no, the Martin Luther of infectious disease about listed here has occur up with her really very own Biblical interpretation that stops her from placing “certain substances” into her “Holy Temple,” and those people substances contain the flu shot and also basic freaking specifics.

The nursing house explained to her to get the damn shot or they would fire her. So she did. But then sued.

And the Justice Division reveals up in Wisconsin on HER aspect! From Courthouse News:

Williams felt threatened by immediate termination, the government’s lawsuit states, and reluctantly agreed to get the flu shot but “became emotionally distraught and cried uncontrollably” on getting it.

“Williams endured intense psychological distress from getting the flu shot in violation of her spiritual beliefs, together with withdrawing from function and her personal everyday living, struggling from snooze challenges, panic, and fear of ‘going to Hell’ for the reason that she had disobeyed the Bible by getting the shot,” according to the criticism.

If the county nursing house simply cannot fire her for placing the life of all their clientele at possibility, can they at minimum fire her for remaining the kind of human being who lies awake at night worrying about everlasting damnation for having a flu shot?

But this is who the Justice Division is preventing for. Not the county nursing house that is just seeking to properly choose treatment of old persons — old persons who probably have no personal savings or solutions for the reason that the place has gutted its social basic safety web. No, the DOJ would like to stand with the anti-social biohazard for the reason that she would like to use the Bible to frustrate secular norms.

A single imagines this would all be likely really in a different way if she said that the QURAN prevented her from having the flu shot, but she however needed to function in a authorities-run facility.

I never know how the circumstance will turn out for the reason that this place is a theocracy flanked by Sodom on the right coast and Gomorrah on the left coast. The bitch of it is that when all these anti-vaxxers get us killed with their mutated Eagle-MAGA flu that is presently evolving in their unprotected bodies, they’ll decimate the significant cities first. I sense like the lesson of the Trump period is likely to be that if you are silly adequate for lengthy adequate in a adequately uncompromising way, eventually you acquire for the reason that it’s so a lot a lot easier to wipe out than construct.

Elie Mystal is the Government Editor of Earlier mentioned the Law and the Authorized Editor for Extra Fantastic. He can be reached @ElieNYC on Twitter, or at elie@abovethelaw.com. He will resist.

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