EARTH-SHATTERING ANNOUNCEMENT: Share Your Job Experience with Lawctopus (Anonymous Posts Allowed)

Since starting off in 2010, Lawctopus has managed to develop a new vocabulary for the regulation student in India: internship experience.

Some regulation corporations and legal professionals and corporations fear this phrase it exposes them like no other. The very good ones like it for the very same reason: it is an publicity for them like no other!

Regulation pupils like internship encounters. Numerous of them belief it not wholly, or in entire measure, but quite significantly!

In 2010, info about internships was concealed, unorganised, and could be best had only from a senior. This meant pupils from lesser identified regulation schools did not have ample info on the place to go and the place not to go.

We’ve managed to change that (to a huge extent). Internship encounters released on Lawctopus are NOT the excellent alternative (they are subjective, and like any critique, are vulnerable to manipulation) but we imagine that we’ve designed rather a dent.

Actually, you expensive reader, by sharing all those encounters, have designed rather a dent. The quantity of internship encounters shared until nowadays stand at an great 3326!

Numerous of our audience have graduated from higher education and have labored at and changed work.

We thought, as a result, to change the match of work and work in the Indian legal marketplace.

And for this reason, we invite you to share your work encounters with us (simply click on this link and fill up form please)!

Performing at a work is a big investment. You basically devote a huge portion of your daily life to the organisations. A whole lot of situations it entails staying absent from mothers and fathers, companions, and mates, in an alien city, all in the pursuit of generating a mark, or income, or no matter what rows your boat!

So do get out 15-30 minutes of your time and enable the legal people make knowledgeable decisions about their careers! Go go go!

Click on on the form listed here to share your work experience!

Strategies on how to make this (and the form earlier mentioned) far better are welcome. Make sure you do depart your opinions down below.

This write-up was to start with released on: March 16, 2018

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