Just Waiting For Trump To Fire Rosenstein, I Guess — See Also

James Comey

AT Least JAMES COMEY IS THE MOST Famed FBI DIRECTOR Given that J. EDGAR HOOVER: Joe Patrice re-litigates the Comey Anthony Weiner e-mail selection.

HOW DO YOU Shell out OFF YOUR University student Financial loans? Use coupons, says Staci Zaretsky.

MICHAEL COHEN Could possibly HAVE RECORDED HIS Discussions: Truthfully can’t believe of how Cohen could be carrying out any worse.

Modest Firm Diversity REPORT: Looks like we just want much more minority or females-owned law firms way too.

BIGLAW Firm SCRAPS Efficiency Opinions, GOES FOR “FAST FEEDBACK”: I place my area of the transient into the doc. “It sucks.” Did you even browse it? “Fast feedback right here: you really should get rid of by yourself.” Sir, I believe you are bewildering quickly feedback with no-filter feedback. “I believe you are an idiot who is only right here mainly because you Daddy’s title is on the door… oh, hold out, I see your stage now.”

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