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Nowadays we welcome a different law firm to legal tech entrepreneur, Lauren Sturdevant, CEO of Circumstance Status, a safe system for lawyers to communicate with shoppers with authentic-time updates, with the additional amazing element of allowing for glad shoppers to refer their law firm with the click on of a button. Circumstance Status allows lawyers to react to shoppers promptly without having the disruption of a cellphone phone or assembly, so providing shoppers assurance that their case is progressing easily.  Circumstance Status also provides a street map of the case that shoppers can adhere to and see where they are in the course of action of their case. The interface is clean up and intuitive.


Q. Explain to us a tiny about your firm.

Circumstance Status is a interaction and referral system created to conserve lawyers time and provide corporations with a extremely charge effective advertising tool.   Specifically, Circumstance Status is an app that supplies shoppers with authentic-time updates concerning the position of their case. It permits shoppers to read through what to assume as their case progresses and it allows lawyers and shoppers information every single other promptly. Lastly, Circumstance Status permits shoppers to refer their lawyers to other individuals with a click on of a button. Circumstance Status is created to conserve lawyers time so they can concentrate on their instances, while allowing for shoppers to sense a lot more related with their lawyers and their instances than ever just before.

If corporations are interested in tests out Circumstance Status, they can try it no cost.  Lawyers can go to to ask for an account or email us at for a lot more details.  Also, check out us out on twitter at


Q. Prior to your present-day placement at your firm, how extensive did you exercise regulation and where? What was your location of exercise?  Do you however now exercise?

Prior to my placement with Circumstance Status, I practiced regulation in South Carolina and Ohio.  I have been working towards about 7 yrs, and just before becoming a member of the Circumstance Status team I principally focused on particular injury, authentic estate (foreclosures protection, closings, etc.), and basic civil litigation.  I no for a longer period exercise with a company, but act as counsel in a minimal role for Circumstance Status.


Q. What gave you the strategy for Circumstance Status, as perfectly as the strategy for the customer referral button which is pure genius!

Circumstance Status was born out of a pain level I personally seasoned.  Like so many other lawyers and paralegals, I struggled to get get the job done finished due to the fact I was continually fielding phone calls and updating shoppers.  Additional, I understood that in purchase to get get the job done finished, I would have to set parameters all over availability.  This was troubling to me due to the fact I desired to give shoppers the most effective expertise doable.

Also, I recognized that shoppers had been likely by means of a challenging time in their lives and desired consistent updates. It was obvious that when there was a lapse of time in interaction, shoppers thought we had been not operating on their instances.  I saw firsthand how this disconnect led to distrust, and at times even a breakdown in the partnership.

Soon after dealing with this trouble for yrs, it turned my mission to resolve it.  My team and I set out to develop a tool that sets anticipations and keeps shoppers knowledgeable, nevertheless will save lawyers time so they can concentrate on their get the job done. Additional, I was identified to develop a far better way of getting referrals.  Authorized advertising is highly-priced, and I desired to market and permit shoppers to do the advertising for lawyers.  As we all know, referrals are the lifeblood of each individual regulation company, and Circumstance Status has the means to seize and streamline people referrals.


Q. I want to question you specifically about the measures from strategy to implementation. 1st, as soon as you experienced the strategy, did you just take any measures to validate it? 2nd, soon after you made the decision to go forward with Circumstance Status how did you find builders and how extensive did it just take to get the internet site up and running?

I recognized that lawyer/customer interaction was damaged extremely early on in my occupation.  In each individual placement and location of regulation I practiced, the disconnect concerning lawyers and their shoppers was obvious.  It was not right until many yrs into working towards that I started pondering about how we could develop a tool to resolve the trouble.  I have connections in tech, and attained out to a couple builders.  The builders actually cherished the concept, and we reviewed what a answer would glance like.  They actually thought in the item, answer, and the vision, and we reviewed an settlement that worked for every person involved.  From there, I imagined about jumping into this business enterprise complete-time, the get the job done it would just take and the sacrifices I would have to make.  My household and I made the decision that in purchase to be thriving, I would have to concentrate all my attempts toward Circumstance Status.  I did not just take this choice lightly, but I consider in our mission and I know it was the proper choice.  On producing this choice, I reviewed Circumstance Status with many lawyers in purchase to get feed-back.  Our team was identified to develop a answer that fixed these extremely palpable pain points.  The Circumstance Status team and I worked extremely tricky to build a tool that honed in and solved the trouble.  From there, we launched Circumstance Status.


Q. How extensive has Circumstance Status been in operation, and what has the reaction been so considerably?

Circumstance Status officially launched the iOS and Android app in Oct 2017.  We rolled out our to start with integration (with Clio) in January 2018.  The reaction has been excellent, and we are growing promptly.  Our intention is to help corporations get the job done smarter, minimize lawyer and customer tension, and improve each individual firms’ means to marketplace.  We want lawyers and paralegals to like our item, and for corporations to see a important return from making use of Circumstance Status.


Q. So let us discuss about your item. 1st, can you just explain how CaseStatus operates – both equally from the law firm and customer facet?

Circumstance Status was created to be extremely intuitive and quick-to-use for lawyers and shoppers.  In terms of the firm’s facet, lawyers and paralegals can log on to Circumstance Status on any product.  Circumstance Status lists all of their shoppers and has an inbox that shows new messages.  Lawyers/paralegals can click on on a customer, and change the position of their case or mail a fast information without having acquiring to phone or email the customer.  All interaction is in 1 place and exhibited on the client’s website page.

Shoppers download the Circumstance Status app by means of the App Retail store or Google Play.  Any updates and messages from the lawyer pop up as notifications in the client’s app, so the customer constantly understands what is happening in his or her case in authentic-time.  Shoppers can read through what to assume as their case progresses, mail fast messages, and refer their lawyers by means of the app.


Q. What are the benefits that Circumstance Status supplies and what distinguishes Circumstance Status from other resources for customer interaction -for instance, customer portals created into case administration devices?

Circumstance Status is an interactive app on the client’s cellphone that is created to provide authentic-time updates and streamline interaction.  As a result, it is quick-to-use and not challenging to navigate like a customer portal.  Additional, customer portals do not contain a referral element.

Also, Circumstance Status is different than other options thinking about we are bettering the way lawyers and shoppers communicate.  We are looking to conserve lawyers time, empower shoppers with details, and develop a far better lawyer/customer partnership.


Q. What are your plans for Circumstance Status? The place would you like the firm to be a few yrs from now?

We want regulation corporations of any measurement (from solos to more substantial corporations) to have the means to offer an app to shoppers.  Taking into consideration the price of Circumstance Status is extremely acceptable, the intention is to bring a important ROI to corporations.  We system to carry on to add features for our lawyers and their shoppers to make their lives far better and permit them to do what they like, which is concentrate on the exercise of regulation.


Q. Now that Circumstance Status is up and running, what is your day to day role in the firm? Can you explain a common day (if there is these types of a factor?)

Every day is different.  Nonetheless, my role is to bring price to regulation corporations.  Sometimes that is by means of talking at gatherings or conducting demonstrations.  I normally examine how implementing tech (no matter if it be by means of our services or other individuals) can help lawyers run a a lot more successful and profitable regulation company.  Our team only discusses Circumstance Status with corporations that we consider are a very good in good shape and would actually gain from our system.  At the stop of the day, our mission is help our purchaser regulation corporations realize their vision and development method as they shift forward.

Q. How does your coaching and expertise as a law firm help you in running your firm?

I consider lawyers by character are analytical and trouble solvers.  These attributes have served me perfectly in running Circumstance Status.  Additional, acquiring a legal history has been unbelievably handy in creating and growing a business enterprise.


Q. Do you feel that coding expertise is useful to lawyers who want to start off a legal tech firm? What competencies do you feel are most vital?

I feel coding is a excellent ability to possess, on the other hand it is challenging to find out.  Additional, it is a ability that necessitates ongoing training thinking about it is continually modifying.  Consequently, I feel it is far better to double down and employ the competencies you possess.  That being explained, basic progress knowledge is crucial in primary a tech firm.  It is unattainable to guide a team of builders if you do not comprehend the fundamental principles of what you are seeking to complete.


Q. What are some of the distinctions concerning running a tech start off up and running a regulation company (or operating at a company)?

The essential concepts of starting up a business enterprise is the same, on the other hand the method in making a tech firm versus a regulation company is extremely different.  Frequently, regulation corporations are focused on building a regional, extensive-standing business enterprise.  Tech providers concentrate on servicing a large audience promptly and must be extremely sensitive and nimble to the pulse of the marketplace.  No matter, to create a thriving business enterprise, it is vital to build a model that stands for integrity and supplies price to its prospects.


Q. What was the major challenge for you in transitioning from regulation exercise to your present-day placement?

It was a extremely challenging choice to leave the day-to-day exercise of regulation. Like so many other individuals, I put in my entire daily life operating toward being an lawyer, and it was my identity. It took a extensive time to identify that even although I like the exercise of regulation, my accurate enthusiasm connected a lot more toward supporting lawyers enhance their tactics.  When I was genuine with myself, I understood it was the proper choice.


Q. Do you miss out on working towards regulation?  What have you finished, if just about anything, to continue to keep your regulation license and legal competencies intact?

I miss out on the day-to-day exercise, but I act in a company counsel ability for Circumstance Status.  I am however energetic in South Carolina, and system to continue to keep up with all needed needs.


Q. Do you have any official coaching in know-how or “hot” complex competencies (e.g., programming, item progress, details science) and are these competencies needed to build your firm?

I do not have official coaching in programming, but I am extremely drawn to tech.  It is vital to me to continue to keep up daily on the present-day tech developments so we can carry on to develop and provide price to our purchaser foundation.


Q. If a different law firm was interested in starting up a tech firm, what assistance would you have?

If you have an strategy, start off validating it.   Really feel about the logistics of the trouble and the remedies of how to resolve it.  If it is a very good strategy and you are passionate about pursuing it, start off examining publications on the course of action and achieve out to possible mentors.  If it is your accurate calling, and you are inclined to be resourceful, you will find a way to go after your intention.


Q. What excites you most about the foreseeable future of legal know-how?

Practicing regulation is a extremely honorable occupation, but it can be taxing.  The good news is, there is tech offered that will greatly enhance the lives of lawyers.  This tech will permit lawyers to concentrate their skills on what they like to do, no matter if that is advocating in the courtroom or participating in hardball at mediation.  Lawyers are advocates for other individuals who need help, and that is where lawyers need to concentrate their price and strength.

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