LLLTs, Access to Justice, and a Serial Parody

The Paralegal Voice: “Recap and Update: What are LLLTs and How will they Make improvements to Accessibility to Justice?”

Plaintiff’s demo attorney and TBD Regulation alum Patrick Palace talks with host Carl Morrison about how constrained license legal experts (LLLTs) are a possible response to solving entry to justice concerns. They discuss how LLLTs present decrease charges, increased entry to rural parts, and a huge array of companies. In circumstances the place an attorney is not required, LLLTs can give legal assistance.

ABA Journal Authorized Rebels: “Mary Juetten Hopes Authorized Software Can Assist Make improvements to Accessibility-to-Justice Problems”

Mary Juetten talks with host Stephanie Ward about what will be a major legal development for 2018. Juetten hopes it is legal technological innovation improving entry to justice. Juetten is the founder and CEO of Traklight, the co-founder of Evolve Regulation, a TBD Regulation alum, and a Lawyerist contributor.

A Really Deadly Murder: “A Great Murder”

If you’re seeking for a notice-perfect Serial parody, follow OPR (Onion Public Radio, of training course) reporter David Pascall as he travels to Bluff Springs, Nebraska to look into the demise of a 17-year-old female who died of a simultaneous gunshot-stabbing-strangling-drowning. Experience Pascall’s Pulitzer starvation, study what the police skipped, and extra.

Past up-to-date February 17th, 2018.

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