Nayi Dishayein Summer Schools @ Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur [May-June]: Applications Open

About the programme

Sambhaavnaa Institute has, for the last 6 several years, been organising a participatory, reflective and experiential educational facilities sequence, called Nayi Dishayein. In this system we perform with younger participants to

  1. Deconstruct and critically look at the notion of advancement
  2. Re-look at our belief units, globe-views and privileges all around power buildings of caste, gender, religion, class
  3. Evaluate options of improve by way of exposure to a vary of modern interventions/initiatives/actions to a just society

With these objectives in intellect, Nayi Dishayein is created to inspire the participants to look at the next queries:

  • What is the current notion of ‘Development’? How did this time period evolve?
  • What are the gaps involving what ‘development’ guarantees and what it provides?
  • What are the prices of ‘Development’? Who pays these prices? Who rewards from it?
  • What is the relationship involving advancement and social difficulties?
  • What is the relevance of caste, gender, religion and class in modern India?
  • How do these realities affect us?
  • As an individual, are you free of charge from prejudices and stereotyping on the over counts?
  • Are you ready to see your privileges and below-privileges? Or do you feel that all you have obtained is simply because of your ‘merit’? Are you section of the problem?
  • What are some of the interventions folks have experimented with to problem present oppressive social buildings? How could one particular understand and evaluate them?
  • Can this assessment support us form possible pathways for ourselves?

Who is the system for?

If you are in the age group of 21-26 several years, trying to find responses to the over queries or you are just figuring out how to frame the queries or attempting to understand the interconnections involving diverse difficulties that you see all around you, then sign up for us at the Summertime College, where by we will collectively churn on these issues and endeavor to open up a nayi dishayein in both our means of thinking and living.


The medium of instruction will be largely in English, and some Hindi.

Calls for Software:

This contact for purposes is for two distinct applications. Please implement for any one particular.

  1. Program 1: 6 7 days system ( Classroom + Field Internship) 21st May to 4th July 2018
  2. Program 1: Twelve times system (Classroom only) 11th to 22nd June 2018

Program 1

The 6 7 days Program (Classroom + Field Internship) 21st May to 4th July 2018

This system aims to convey with each other concept and practice. The 1st section of the system is a 12 day classroom element that will concentrate on creating a holistic and interconnected knowledge of the issues facing our society nowadays. The next section of this system involves discipline immersion for a month with some ongoing social improve initiatives (in teams of 2-3).

Members will be sent to grassroots organisations throughout the nation for a month and will return to Sambhaavnaa Institute for the 3rd section of this system (for 4 times) to share their results, learnings and ordeals of the diverse varieties of attempts on diverse difficulties in diverse contexts throughout the nation primarily based on their internship.


  • Rs. 6000. This contains only the foodstuff and continue to be expenditures during the two classroom factors of the system at the Sambhaavnaa Institute.
  • Members are expected to bear the cost of journey and foodstuff expenditures of the internship. [Lodging will be provided by the internship organization. No support is available from Sambhaavnaa Institute for this component]

Program 2

Twelve Days Program (Classroom only) 11th to 22nd June 2018

In this system, the theme will be explored using interactive lectures, theatre, group perform, conversations, film screenings, collective reflection, and reside expertise sharing by activists.


Rs. 7500. This contains only foodstuff and continue to be expenditures at Sambhaavnaa Institute.

How to implement

Click on here to implement online.


Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh


 For extra information and facts you should whats app 889 422 7954 or email:

For details take a look at the official link specified here. 


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