Nielsen, at Border, Blasts ‘Misinformation Campaign’

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen defended the officers who patrol the US border and enforce the country&#8217s immigration legal guidelines amid a barrage of damaging publicity that has enveloped her office, the Arizona Republic reports. &#8220In the final pair of weeks, there has been a substantial, just dishonest, data marketing campaign, and it&#8217s currently being waged towards DHS,&#8221 Nielsen mentioned Thursday near the border fence in Nogales, Az. &#8220And it&#8217s a misinformation marketing campaign currently being waged by those people who either harbor an unfounded distrust of CBP (border) or ICE (immigration) officers, or who just don&#8217t want to see us protected our borders.&#8221 Nielsen defiantly warned that border brokers would arrest and refer for prosecution any individual who crosses the border illegally, regardless of their condition. Underneath this new &#8220zero-tolerance&#8221 strategy, parents caught at the border would have their children eradicated when they are prosecuted. The policy has received common condemnation from Democrats and migrant-advocacy teams.

&#8220It seems our critics want a two-tier authorized technique. They imagine illegal aliens need to get diverse, most likely far better, therapy than US citizens for the reason that they materialize to be illegal aliens,&#8221 Nielsen said. &#8220No jail for the reason that they have a relatives. No criminal repercussions if they have children. I&#8217m right here to convey to you in a different way.&#8221 Nielsen dismissed reports about the nearly 1,500 unaccompanied minors whom the federal government has been unable to track down, saying they likely don&#8217t want to be found for the reason that they are in the treatment of undocumented kin. As Nielsen toured the border, dozens of Central American people continued camping out in Mexico, ready for their opportunity to assert asylum in the US. Since they are presenting themselves at a port of entry, instead of crossing the border illegally, they will not be prosecuted.

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