NRA Leader Blasts ‘Mushy-Brained Children’

Nationwide Rifle Affiliation board member Ted Nugent went on a conservative radio show Friday evening and lobbed an additional spherical of insults at the most outspoken survivors of the Valentine’s Working day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Substantial School in Parkland, Fl., McClatchy Newspapers reports. Nugent named the college students who led the March for Our Life protests “mushy-brained children” who are “committing non secular suicide since anything they propose,” including common track record checks and banning assault-style rifles, “will induce a lot more dying and mayhem, confirmed.”

Nugent named the NRA &#8220the lone group that has taught firearm safety in faculties, and for law enforcement, and for armed forces, and for children’s companies and family members companies all over the nation for 100 years.&#8221 When the radio host stated David Hogg, the university student whom conservative character Laura Ingraham poked pleasurable at and subsequently dropped key broadcasting advertisers, Nugent contended that, “The dumbing down of The usa is manifested in the culture deprivation of our academia that have taught these kids the lies, media that have prodded and encouraged and presented these kids lies. I really experience sorry for them since it is not only ignorant and dangerously stupid, but it is soulless.&#8221 Ingraham declared she’d be on holiday vacation this week amidst the controversy.

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