One Day National Workshop on Access To Legal Aid & Services in India at Amity Law School Noida (5th April’18)

Amity Law School, Noida, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh is Conducting a One Day NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ACCESS TO LEGAL AID & SERVICES IN INDIA



On 5th April 2018, At Amity Law School, Noida, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh


about the event

“Equal justice under law is not merely a caption on the facade of the Supreme Court building; it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our society. It is one of the ends for which our entire legal system exists . . . it is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status.”

– Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr., U.S. Supreme Court Justice

The Constitution of India lays down broad principles and objectives which provides India for Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. The principles so incorporated under the solemn document inter alia include justice, liberty, equality, fraternity assuring the dignity of the individuals and unity and integrity of the country. The establishment of our own legal system and deriving governance based upon people’s model are something which necessarily attracted the attention of the world to a new infant democracy.

But with the advancement it has been realized that people of this country have not governed in the manner or rather principles so incorporated under the solemn document was not able to bring out real satisfaction among the people. Disputes are taking place in a rampant manner. Police system is not effectively able to tackle the public order problems. Law and order is witnessing severe attack, women are facing oppression, poor’s are marginalized from the society and many more problems have become the virtue of people’s model of governance.

In pursuance of this, the country in principle established the concept of free legal aid as directive principles of state policy under Article 39A of the Constitution of India. The principle further enlarged by the apex court of this country by making it as justifiable right under part III of the constitution.  In order to make the concept materialized the parliament in the year 1987 come up with the concept of Legal Services Authority Act. The statutory incorporation of constitutional principles had certainly seemed to fulfill the longstanding dreams of Great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as father of the nation.

The passage of time particularly the beginning of 21st century witnessed strong denial of basic rights to weaker section of the society. This certainly arose disentchmnet among the people, but as a need of hour or rather may be blessing in disguise the colleges and schools of this country came up with strong voice of creating awareness among the masses. The new model of legal learning based upon practical work and internships by the new generations lawyers prescribed as a mandatory course under the Bar Council of India regulations particularly in 5 years integrated law programme proved to be milestone of the century.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective behind organizing this workshop is to provide a common platform for Academicians, Scholars, Advocates and Administrators dealing with Legal Aid and Social Justice for discussion on unaddressed issues. The workshop intends to focus on the challenges, strategies and reforms in providing access to Legal Aid to those in dire need of it.

We are striving to provide a forum to speakers to come up with innovative and practical Legal Aid models, discuss challenges, latest developments and reformative solutions which can contribute further in the area of research and also suggest improvements in functioning of Legal Aid authorities.


The benefits to be obtained from this event are:

  1. The exchange of knowledge between academics, researchers, practitioners, and students in the field of legal aid & services;
  2. The establishment collaborative research on the issues legal aid & services particularly for the context of developing nations like India.
  3. The workshop shall be conducted by resource persons who have expertise in this arena of Legal Aid.




  • Legal Aid & Services To Under Trial Prisoners.
  • Impact Assessment of Various Authorities Under Legal Services Authority Act 1987.
  • Working & Significance of Lok Adalats & Permanent Lok Adalats as an Alternative Dispute Resolution System In India.



Participation is invited from students enrolled bonafide on a regular basis in undergraduate/postgraduate courses or its equivalent conducted by any recognized college/ university/ institution in India.


Registration shall be done at:



Students/Research Scholars /Professors /Teachers – Rs. 500/-


Registration fees must be sent via demand draft in favor of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, payable at Noida. All demand draft is to be sent through e-mail on [email protected] to us latest by 31st March, 2018.




Payment through online portal via the link given below:

Further, the original demand draft has to send to (by post or courier) to Dr. Aditya Tomer, Addl. Director Amity Law School, Amity University, Sector-125, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201303. (Legal Aid Workshop)


Certificates shall be provided to all attendees.


Last Date for Soft Copy Demand Draft Submission is on 31st March, 2018.

Last Date for Registration is on 2nd April 2018.

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