Patently Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Patently Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World:

  • Jonah Comstock: Apple Information Patent Application for Blood Tension Monitoring System (Source: Health care IT News)

Source: Health care IT News

  • Richard Lloyd: IP Index Demonstrating Decrease in the US Patent Method Lacks Credibility, Statements Unified COO (Source: iam)
  • Rachel Siegel: Uber Wishes a Patent to Explain to if You Consume and Ride (Source: The Washington Post)
  • Susan Heavey, Mohammad Zargham, and Tim Ahmann: U.S. ITC Suggests Probing Toyota, Some others in Patent Infringement Case (Source: Reuters)
  • Mary Wisniewski: USAA Sues Wells Fargo In excess of Remote-Deposit Patents (Source: American Banker)

Commentary and Journal Content:

  • Lawyer Charles R. Macedo and Chandler Sturm: Rethinking Report III Standing in IPR Appeals at the Federal Circuit (Source: Patent High-quality Initiative)
  • Dr. Dariush Adli: Do Amazon&#8217s Movement-Monitoring Wristbands Violate Personnel&#8217 Privateness Legal rights? (Source: Entrepreneur) 

Source: Entrepreneur

  • Professor Adam Mossoff and Professor Eric R. Claeys: Patent Injunctions, Economics, and Legal rights (Source: SSRN)
  • Professor Tsai-fang Chen: Judicially Developed Patent Law and Expropriation Beneath Trader-State Dispute Settlement (Source: SSRN)

New Task Postings on Patently-O:

  • Guntin & Gust
  • Harrity & Harrity



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