Quarantining Bayh-Dole

by Dennis Crouch

Nationwide Institute of Benchmarks and Technological know-how (NIST) (a branch of the Department of Commerce) has announced a new initiative to “improve federal technological know-how transfer” together with a Request for Facts (RFI) published in the Federal Sign-up.  The govt is seeking to “gather data about the present state of Federal technological know-how transfer and the public’s ability to interact with Federal laboratories and access federally funded R&D through collaborations, licensing, and other mechanisms.”

The agency is broadly seeking for comments on matters like:

  1. Finest methods in federal technological know-how transfer (what are we executing proper . . . and mistaken)
  2. Strengthening effectiveness and cutting down regulatory burdens in get to draw in personal sector expenditure in afterwards-stage R&D, commercialization, and sophisticated manufacturing
  3. Strategies for new partnership products with the personal sector, academia, other Federal organizations.
  4. Metrics and strategies for analyzing the ROI outcomes and impacts arising from Federal R&D expenditure and
  5. Mechanisms for appreciably rising technological know-how transfer outcomes from the Federal sector, universities, and research organizations.

Looming massive in the track record of present Federal Policy is the the Bayh-Dole Act that lets universities and corporations to privately patent the success of federally funded research.  In two-a long time, Bayh-Dole will have its 40th Anniversary — as a result the “quarantine” title.




Dennis Crouch

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