Quick Question Friday, Part 61

China lawyers

A single of our China legal professionals not too long ago acquired an electronic mail from a mate/former consumer who put in extra than a decade as the China place person for his company. The electronic mail questioned no matter if it nonetheless tends to make feeling for American organizations even to try out to do enterprise in China:

Former Client. I would guess that my China company knowledge is limited when compared to your knowledge but for us perhaps 25-40% of the organizations we attempted to get the job done with in China have been &#8220great.&#8221 The relaxation have been basically working to just take edge of us and at the time they figured out we have been not just likely to roll above in ignorance they just stopped participating.  So however they did not have the possibility to fully rip us off like some of the organizations you explain in your blog, we squandered large chunks of our time and work on them. And even after we figured out the organizations it created feeling to get the job done with, we commonly experienced to shell out large amounts of time and revenue to get them to agree to the form of contracts that would get the job done for us.

This is why I wonder if tiny US primarily based organizations can correctly do enterprise in China. Does it nonetheless make feeling for them even to try out when so a great deal time is demanded to do away with the large selection of poor/dishonest organizations?

My Answer. Standard legal professionals reaction: It depends. But it does, ideal? It depends on how vital China is or can be to your enterprise. What is appealing and telling about this person&#8217s electronic mail is that his criticism is not that his company acquired ripped off or that the contracts did not get the job done, but that they took so extended and price so a great deal. I feel that is the important place below and to a sure extent it implies the pitfalls of undertaking enterprise with China are not as excellent as so lots of think. If you shell out the time and the revenue, your pitfalls go way down. So to grossly oversimplify, all you need to do is examine the price of getting secure against the benefits of undertaking enterprise in China to get to your respond to as to no matter if it tends to make feeling to do enterprise in China.

Your thoughts?

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