Regulatory Audits of Your Cannabis Business: Plan Ahead!

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Can your cannabis company survive state scrutiny?

Like all company, cannabis corporations are issue to audit by state taxing authorities and other agencies. These audits have a tendency to commence differently with cannabis company, however, provided the distinctive regulatory technique states get with cannabis. If a regulatory audit turns up troubles, then fines and even loss of your business’s license could comply with. This write-up outlines the prime troubles in planning for, and managing, a regulatory audit of your cannabis company.

System In advance

Just about every state with a controlled cannabis marketplace has precise history retaining requirements.  Put together for potential audits by retaining meticulous records. Like other corporations, a cannabis company have to continue to keep in-depth records regarding all facets of the company like: income, stock administration, buys, taxes, employment, environmental compliance, legal and transportation. Compared with other corporations, a cannabis company is expected to continue to keep all supply documentation. For illustration, buys of products and products and services have to not only be supported by grasp products and company contracts, but transaction level invoices bank statements have to include look at and deposit slip element.  When in doubt, continue to keep as substantially element as possible.

As stated Listed here and Listed here, it is sensible to carry out periodic self-audits to discover any weak spot in history retaining or any other compliance troubles. Self-audits allow a cannabis company to deal with troubles as early as possible. Self-audits also help a company is frequently improving not only its regulatory compliance but improving customer company and profitability.

Every state differs in how lengthy records have to be maintained. Washington necessitates that records be archived for three a long time although California necessitates records be archived for 7 a long time.  However lengthy a state necessitates a cannabis company to archive records, it is a very best follow to archive records in electronic format wherever possible, along with retention of tough duplicate knowledge.

Really do not Worry

Hashish regulators will notify you by letter that your cannabis company is less than audit. Bundled with that letter will be a list of records to supply. All states with controlled cannabis markets have broad latitude to inspect records and your physical company site. For illustration, Washington restrictions require a cannabis company to archive a broad wide range of paperwork and mandate that such records “must be made readily available for inspection if requested by an staff of the WSLCB.” In general, a cannabis company will have no standing to obstacle a cannabis regulatory company correct to demand and to inspect records. Your time and cash will be very best used collecting the records requested.

Typically, records have to be created in a extremely short time body, so a cannabis company should quickly get started to assemble the paperwork requested. Typically, info have to be requested from CPA’s bookkeepers and lawyers, so give your company as substantially time as possible to get this info.

Disclosure and Truthfulness

Most states have stringent sanctions for a cannabis company that fails to supply paperwork to the regulators. For illustration, a willpower of a failure to supply paperwork in the Condition of Washington will outcome in the cancellation of a license. As envisioned, most states have stringent sanctions for misrepresentations of fact to cannabis regulators. Once more, a willpower that a cannabis company has misrepresented facts will outcome in the cancellation of a license. A cannabis company have to be conscious that just about every doc supplied and assertion made to the regulators is “on-the-record”. A cannabis company should never ever speculate or guess in responding to inquiries made by the regulators.

Have an understanding of the Attraction Approach and Your Legal rights

Whilst your cannabis company has an affirmative responsibility to supply accurate info to the regulators, you do have legal rights and protections.

If the enforcement officer identifies a opportunity violation, the enforcement officer have to comply with a precise discover process. In Washington, the enforcement officer have to situation an Administrative Violation See (AVN) and supply the discover to the cannabis company, or the corporations agent or staff.

The AVN have to include:

  • A narrative description of alleged violations
  • The dates of violations
  • A duplicate of the appropriate statutes or restrictions
  • An outline of the licensee’s choices
  • Detect the advisable penalty and
  • Detect any aggravating or mitigating situation modifying the penalty.

Requesting a Keep

If the regulators suspend a license, the licensee have to immediately initiate an adjudicative continuing in advance of an Administrative Legislation Judge assigned by the Washington business of Administrative Hearings. A listening to have to be held in just 90 days of the day of suspension.

In Washington, a cannabis company have to petition for a stay of suspension in just 15 days of company of the suspension order.  A listening to have to be conducted in just 14 days from receipt of the submitting of the petition for stay.

Other Therapies

A Washington cannabis company has 20 days from receipt of the AVN to:

  • Acknowledge the advisable penalty or,
  • Request a settlement conference or,
  • Request an administrative listening to

Missing this essential 20-day period will outcome in a vary of sanctions from penalties to revocation of the cannabis company license.

One of the essential tactical choices is irrespective of whether to ask for a settlement conference or to transfer instantly to requesting an administrative listening to. Whilst a settlement conference delivers an chance to solve troubles in a more casual fashion, there might be circumstances wherever moving instantly to an administrative listening to is sensible. This tactical selection should be viewed as cautiously in consultation with counsel, and is remarkably dependent on the facts and situation of every case.


Whilst a regulatory audit is daunting, your cannabis company can very best put together for such an audit by aggressively utilizing very best practices, accomplishing interior compliance audits, and retaining meticulous records. Keep in mind, states that have legalized adult cannabis use, such as Washington, are less than scrutiny by the federal government. Enhanced federal scrutiny puts force on states to implement their neighborhood cannabis laws, and a essential aspect of such enforcement is by regulatory audits. For all of these causes, your cannabis company would be sensible to strategy for an audit by state regulators.

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