Sheriff Caught Buying Property With Jail Food Funds, Has Tipster Who Turned Him In Arrested

Another Alabama sheriff has been caught abusing a law that’s inexplicably even now on the publications. Around the training course of 3 many years, Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin took dwelling at minimum $750,000 in funds meant to be utilised to feed inmates in his jail. Many thanks to a further lousy law, there’s no telling how substantially additional than $750,000 Entrekin has pocketed, but he surely looks to have a great deal of disposable earnings. (h/t Person Hamilton-Smith)

The Information uncovered the eye-popping figures on ethics disclosures that Entrekin sent to the point out: Around the training course of 3 many years, he gained additional than $750,000 in further compensation from “Food Provisions.” The correct amount of money over $750,000 is unclear, simply because Entrekin was not required to specify above a $250,000 a calendar year threshold, the paper writes.

The paper also observed that Entrekin and his wife individual various homes well worth a mixed $1.7 million, such as a $740,000 four-bed room residence in Orange Beach front, Ala., obtained in September.

Without the need of the provision funds, Entrekin earns a little additional than $93,000 a calendar year, the paper says.

This aligns Sheriff Entrekin with sheriffs close to the point out who have enriched by themselves at the expense of their inmates. Some sheriffs did more than enough skimming to pressure the federal governing administration to step in and slap them with consent decrees in which they promised to expend all jail food funds on jail food. Sad to say, this did little to aid the sheriffs dwell up to their close of the federal cut price. Sheriffs retain getting richer and inmates retain getting significantly less and significantly less to try to eat.

Entrekin has made the decision to blame the media for his latest reputational woes.

In a assertion emailed to NPR, Entrekin said the “liberal media has commenced attacking me for following the letter of the law.”

“The Food Monthly bill is a controversial concern that’s utilised each and every election cycle to attack the Sheriff’s Workplace,” Entrekin said. “Alabama Legislation is apparent regarding my particular monetary obligations of feeding inmates. Right up until the legislature acts in any other case, the Sheriff ought to abide by the latest law.”

No just one is forcing Entrekin to get dwelling hundreds of 1000’s of dollars meant for feeding prisoners. The law permits this but does not need each and every sheriff running a jail to minimize food expenditures so there’s a big difference to pocket. Of course, the difficulty finally lies with the legislature which has permitted this abomination of a law to continue being on the publications despite it frequently remaining the supply of national controversy.

But this tale continues to get worse. It seems the sheriff has managed to get a journalist’s supply out of general public circulation.

Sheets’ investigation has also built headlines simply because of the arrest of a important supply.

Sheets spoke with a landscaper named Matt Qualls who mowed Entrekin’s garden in 2015 and recognized the title of the account on his checks — the “Sheriff Todd Entrekin Food Provision Account.” He shared pics with Sheets.

“A pair folks I knew arrived as a result of the jail, and they say they got meat maybe when a thirty day period, and each and every other working day, it was just beans and vegetables,” Qualls instructed Sheets. “I put two and two with each other and recognized that that cash could have absent towards some meat or a little something.”

Sheets’ preliminary tale was posted on Feb. 18. On Feb. 22, Qualls was arrested and billed with drug trafficking after an anonymous phone complained of the odor of cannabis from an condominium.

How fortuitous that an anonymous phone would arrive together only days after uncovered Sheriff Entrekin’s discretionary spending. Even additional fortuitously, a further law enforcement agency essentially carried out the arrest (functioning with a drug endeavor pressure that contained customers of Entrekin’s pressure), supplying the Sheriff primarily implausible deniability.

[S]pokeswoman Natalie Barton said by means of e mail Monday that the scenario versus Qualls “belongs to and was initiated by the Rainbow Town Police Department” and “[t]he Etowah County Sheriff’s Workplace did not have any involvement in the arrest of Mr. Qualls.”

But it did have some involvement. The drug enforcement unit included deputies of Entrekin’s. And it was the sheriff’s division that made the decision to stack expenses versus Qualls, which could feel him experiencing various many years in prison.

Rainbow Town Police Capt. John Bryant said that his division only billed Qualls with second-degree cannabis possession, possessing drug paraphernalia and felony possession of a managed compound, namely a handful of Adderall drugs that ended up not prescribed to him.

But records on the Etowah County Sheriff’s Workplace web page present that Entrekin’s place of work billed Qualls with 3 supplemental crimes: a further paraphernalia demand, a further felony possession of a managed compound demand, and felony drug trafficking. Penalties for drug trafficking are very steep in Alabama, where folks have been imprisoned for life for the criminal offense.

What the drug unit essentially observed bears almost no resemblance to the charging sheet. Qualls possessed cannabis butter, but somewhat than use the precise amount of money of cannabis contained in the condominium (and the butter) — which would have been significantly less than 20 grams — Entrekin’s division made the decision to declare all of the butter to be cannabis, raising the total fat to 2.3 pounds. This conveniently clears the 2.2 pound bar essential to demand a person with drug trafficking. The main of the Rainbow Town Police, whose officers carried out the arrest, says the Sheriff’s fat calculations are “inaccurate.”

Even stranger, Qualls is remaining billed even while it may not even be his cannabis. The arrest warrant exhibits a wholly unique handle for Qualls. Qualls says he life in Gadsen, even though the warrant pinpoints his home as Centre. The arrest took location in Rainbow Town.

No make any difference what the spokesperson says, this is clearly a vindictive arrest of a person who built the miscalculation of outing a sheriff for blowing jail funds on himself. A 20-calendar year-old who is aware folks who’ve absent to jail is expendable. It looks as while the sheriff is keen to spoil Qualls’ life for a little bit inconveniencing his.

Sheriff Caught Purchasing Property With Jail Food Funds, Has Tipster Who Turned Him In Arrested

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