Taking Steps to Strengthen our Patent System

by Dennis Crouch

In a joint statement, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Andrei Iancu, Undersecretary of Commerce and USPTO Director, have introduced a joint statement following on President Trump’s statements yesterday that the Administration is “tak[ing] measures to bolster our patent method.”  In distinct, President Trump targeted on rising “reliability and enforceability of patents.”   Following these days, Iancu and Ross have introduced that “The Department of Commerce and the United States Patent and Trademark Business will be taking measures to further more bolster our patent system” and that our intellectual house rights have to be “strong, reliable and predictable.” They produce:

Born of our Structure and steeped in our history, our patent method is the crown jewel that delivers equally the incentives and the protections important to ability innovation and expansion.

This distinct announcement does delve further more into particulars.  However, it is apparent that Iancu will be pushing for patentee-favoring modifications in AIA trial method as properly as eligibility jurisprudence.  The tie-in with the Commerce Secretary and President propose that Iancu will have the political backing to implement variations within the USPTO, whilst legislative variations are however an uphill struggle.


Dennis Crouch

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