The Evolve The Law Directory Of Legal Tech Providers Launches

The legal innovation neighborhood wants lawyers as substantially as lawyers will need innovators. Now, we are happy to announce the launch of the Evolve the Legislation Listing of Legal Tech Companies in ATL’s Legal Innovation Centre. The Listing is the most recent plank in our system connecting lawyers with technologists, legal-structure thinkers, innovators, and alternate support providers.

The Listing includes profiles of the 130+ Evolve the Legislation member companies, ranging from rising startups to corporate behemoths. The Listing is a rich source for anybody fascinated in accessing data about many of the legal industry’s most modern and reducing-edge gamers. Firm data can be filtered by Classification (from Analytics to Trial Engineering), niche specialties, and Shopper kind (from Buyers to Biglaw). Check it out here. (Coming quickly: the “institutions” edition on the Listing, which will include things like universities, law corporations, and community curiosity corporations.) Heading ahead, as Above the Legislation publishes far more and far more articles on legal know-how and innovation, they will be complemented by widgets guiding audience to suitable content in the Innovation Centre.

Interested in Evolve the Legislation membership? Take a look at the website here or attain out at Users have prospects to publish right on Above the Legislation, reaching the legal industry’s biggest readership. Even further, users enjoy accessibility to special ATL study and discounted advertising and marketing.

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