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Ah, cooperation. The most counterintuitive notion to the adversary approach and the cross that is the 21st century lawyer’s to bear.

Digital discovery and the full improve it needs offered the quantity and complexity of offered info has made a quite compelling need to have for functions to come with each other and truly operate with each other on a discovery system for a case. It is no solution that kind of cooperation is at odds with the regular method to litigation — the Sedona Conference Proclamation on Cooperation, originally drafted in 2006, termed it out promptly right after the new Policies went into result:

It is unrealistic to hope a sua sponte outbreak of pre-trial discovery cooperation. Legal professionals often address discovery conferences as perfunctory obligations. They may possibly fall short to realize or act on opportunities to make discovery less complicated, much less high-priced, and far more effective.

Considering the fact that that authentic draft, hundreds of judges have signed onto the Cooperation Proclamation. And still, we nonetheless have a widespread difficulty of absence of cooperation amongst counsel on ESI difficulties.

When at the University of Florida eDiscovery convention this previous 7 days, I interviewed Judge William Matthewman, a Magistrate Judge in the Southern District of Florida, about the continued need to have for cooperation — a issue he feels strongly about. Judge Matthewman delivers a viewpoint to the bench of a lawyer who has tried out hundreds of cases, several with substantial ESI prior to signing up for the bench:

There is just also a great deal out there for lawyers not to cooperate. They can nonetheless be zealous representing their customers, but they have to cooperate to determine out the most charge powerful way and honest way to get the discovery equally sides need to have.

And Judge Matthewman has detailed views on what cooperation usually means and what he expects of the functions ahead of him:

The lawyers need to have to know their customers, they need to have to know their IT departments, they need to have to know what it is they are looking for. It is not sufficient to say we want each e-mail for the very last 10 years from everybody or we want each textual content message from each employee or everybody in this team. They have to be focused. and the protection just cannot come in and just say it is likely to acquire us hundreds of hundreds of pounds and 500 several hours to get this info so we just cannot produce all that. The functions actually need to have to get far more focused on a discovery system. What’s actually necessary in this case and what isn’t. What can be gotten charge-efficiently and relatively for equally sides. And which is actually the concentration that I have and hope them to actually go over this in progress ahead of they bring the dispute to me.

As I arrived back again to the business this 7 days and encountered still a further opposing counsel unwilling to cooperate purely out of absence of knowing the specialized side of ESI, it occurred to me that 1) we nonetheless have a very long way to go to shift the paradigm the Sedona Conference referred to, and 2) several lawyers nonetheless have a full essential absence of knowing of ESI and the difficulties connected with it. When we are striving to tackle the schooling difficulty at eDiscovery Assistant, there’s a further, far more urgent situation.

Legal professionals are nonetheless missing the ROI of cooperation. Pounds are what resonate, so let us communicate about it in that sense. Is there an ROI to cooperating with opposing counsel in having an ESI get in put? In considering about the parameters of discovery for a make a difference and how to method it?  Of course. There most definitely is. How to quantify it? Enable me rely 3 of the techniques.

  1.  Goodwill of the Judge. As Judge Matthewman states more together in our interview, he’ll strike a motion or hold it in abeyance when the functions have not conferred in fantastic religion. And we know that judges are individuals, and when functions act unreasonably, that tends to impression foreseeable future conclusions by the similar judge. Do you want your judge to perspective you as unreasonable out of the gate? As a litigator, I am constantly assessing how sure actions and statements will be perceived by a judge. How a great deal will that charge your client down the line when you have a legitimate motion that is dependent on your trustworthiness as a lawyer to sell?  The pounds will range by case, but I guess the benefit to your client of that goodwill is immeasurable. Or, as Visa phone calls it — priceless. Are you actually prepared to give that up by battling about anything for the reason that you really do not realize it versus striving to discover?
  2. Partnership with Opposing Counsel. I practiced for 15 years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a tight-knit authorized group with quite, quite fantastic lawyers. We saw every other at situations, our young ones played soccer with each other, and we ended up on opposing sides of elaborate issues. Within just that group, lawyers revered every other and honored reasonable requests. My cases involving lawyers from out of point out constantly concerned far more hostility, in particular from lawyers in big authorized communities like Chicago and New York, where by they ended up much less most likely to operate into every other frequently. ESI adds to the dynamic, and lawyers who really do not come to feel comfy speaking about ESI frequently forged it apart as “overly difficult.” It doesn’t have to be, and frankly, it is your task to discover it or to depend on another person who knows it. You’ll need to have anything in this case, and you won’t get it until you cooperate. The judge sees these items even when you assume she/he doesn’t.
  3. The Goodwill of your Customer. Ah, there it is. The disappointed client is the lawyer’s worst nightmare. The fastest way to make an disappointed client is to choose a battle that doesn’t acquire the client any advantage and needlessly spends their revenue. Definitely, a accurate battle around the scope of discovery is legitimate, but disregarding foundation stage cooperation is practically nothing far more than a waste of sources. Great company delivered in a cooperative method with minor angst is a terrific business improvement tactic. Any business improvement experienced will inform you that the ideal way to get far more business is from your current consumers, so retaining them content really should be aim variety 1.

Look, I know it is quick for me to say for the reason that I operate in eDiscovery all day, each day. But I’ll inform you, even though which is accurate, I nonetheless need to have assistance each day from my team and my community of colleagues to get responses to inquiries and determine out hard tactic. And I operate tricky to teach counsel who really do not realize the ins and outs so that we can move forward with each other. ESI is a constantly modifying space of the law — there are new technologies each day and we have (as of right now) 215 conclusions on eDiscovery from across the country already in 2018. It is future to impossible for litigators to keep on major of all of that and litigate at the similar time.

But you have to consider. You need to have to step up to the plate and operate cooperatively. Get a foundation stage of knowledge or have opposing counsel explain what you need to have to know, or locate another person in your business who does and get them concerned. Really don’t just throw in the towel and assert it is also difficult — you are throwing away an prospect for a quite large ROI on your exercise.

Isn’t that well worth thinking of?

Kelly TwiggerKelly Twigger gave up the golden handcuffs of her Biglaw partnership to start out ESI Attorneys, an eDiscovery and info law Business, in 2009. She is passionate about training lawyers and authorized experts how to assume about and use ESI to get, and does so frequently for her customers. The Wisconsin Condition Bar named Kelly a Lawful Innovator in 2014 for her improvement of eDiscovery Assistant— an on line study and eDiscovery playbook for lawyers and authorized experts. When she’s not considering, writing or speaking about ESI, Kelly is wandering in the mountains of Colorado, or seeing Kentucky basketball. You can reach her by e-mail at or on Twitter: @kellytwigger.

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