The Sign the Contract in China Scam Revistited

China scams. China attorneys. China lawyers. The below is an amalgamation of a couple new emails our China lawyers have gotten from overseas providers (both equally in Europe) that have been taken in by what is in all probability the oldest and most typical China scam out there. The 1 exactly where the China corporation convinces you to go to China to sign a contract, organizing to rip you off at the time you get there. The two stories have been extremely comparable, even regarding the revenue missing — which is really considerably less than is common. Anyway, I do believe it essential to go this on in the hopes that it will quit other folks from slipping for this scam.

Oh, and for what it’s really worth, at the very least at the time a thirty day period a corporation will electronic mail us (right after getting browse 1 of our posts like this 1), asking if they are becoming caught up in a scam and every single solitary time we have been requested that the solution (right after some swift study) has normally been that we are 99 per cent positive that they are. Anyway, below are the most up-to-date:


My identify is ____________ and I was just a target of the “come to China to sign the contract” scam. We are a smaller tour corporation, dependent in ___________ London. Beneath is the tale in limited. You should use it as a feasible circumstance for when you suggest or examine or assistance other persons/providers on the matter.

I received a request by a Chinese chain of ______________ for arranging substantial groups of Chinese ________  coming to London. Our negotiations with them took much more than two months and consisted of all around 200 emails and 3 cellular phone calls and a good deal of our time.

They did not check with us for revenue prior to our vacation to China for signing the contract. Four of us at my corporation have been intimately involved with this venture and still none of us identified just about anything incorrect with it or even the the very least little bit suspicious about it, nevertheless continue to keep in brain that none of us had formerly dealt with Chinese scammers or travelers or even any legit Chinese providers.

We have been free of charge to organize our vacation to China and we chose our individual flights and resort there.

We even did some study on the corporation prior to we went and identified they appeared to be a legit corporation with a actual web site and a actual area identify and their emails came from that area identify and our cellular phone calls to them have been to the phone number on their web site. It was all very qualified and they hardly ever appeared to be in any rush to do the deal with us.

They continually offered us with credible informations and technological documents and even an “official” invitation letter for our visas. I am suspicious by character but I could not locate just about anything incorrect with the circumstance prior to our journey to Chin

Then right after we signed the contract with them in their house town, we have been requested to fork out for a supper to celebrate. At that instant there was no way I could say no due to the fact there have been just two of us by itself with a group of six Chinese persons (3 adult men and 3 ladies) in a smaller resort. Everyone appeared and acted absolutely standard and so I compensated the 900 euro for the supper. But, honestly, by that issue I was about 90 % positive that the whole detail had been a scam. Someone even accompanied me to fork out the cashier.

Soon after I returned back again house they requested me by e-mail to “share” in paying a 450 euro notarizing cost and of program I refused. A handful of times afterwards it grew to become 100% obvious this was a scam.

I know, I know. So silly but I just wanted to share this with you if I could assistance anyone else.

Editor’s Take note: I had 1 of our China lawyers glance up the Chinese corporation and it did not even exist. This took us all of about 5 minutes and had it been performed at the inception when this London corporation started out dealing with China, they could have prevented all of the above problems. The rule below is the rule everywhere you go: do at the very least genuinely standard owing diligence prior to you devote time and revenue.

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