Three Steps to Staying Organized During a Lawsuit with FactBox

No one needs to waste important time. So why does this occur? According to our nationwide study of lawyers who largely exercise litigation, an ordinary of 10 hours just about every 7 days is repeated do the job like:

  • “Wasting time searching for the similar thing around and around.”
  • “Integrating info from many resources into one area.”
  • “Organizing documents and data files when performing on a number of circumstances in the similar day.”

As an ABA TECHSHOW attendee, you are likely informed of these inefficiencies and searching for a improve. FactBox is truth-administration and timeline application. Cloud-based FactBox helps make it effortless to choose notes that stay structured, joined to supply elements and promptly transformable into editable do the job solution.

Come to Booth 503, to see how FactBox keeps you structured in a few effortless actions:

1. Just take Notes the Very first Time

Normally when we first appear at a doc, a applicable web-site, or an e-mail, we’re just examining it around. Then we shift on. Possibly although you appear, you’re considering, “Wow this is intriguing. I’ll have to keep in mind that.” And you likely do…at the very least some of the time.

FactBox helps make it effortless to choose notes on the internet the first time you appear at elements with a few clicks: 1) open a notice card to copy/paste the significant truth 2) connect the truth to the supply doc, and 3) help save the truth and return to examining the product.

A few clicks and you are by now tracking the essential points and proof in your case. Easy actions at the commencing loads of saved time later.

2. Re-Manage as You Perform

What about the early, early phase of the case? When you’re fairly confident the truth, thought, or notice is heading to be worthwhile, but you have not thought about the firm or hierarchy of the case nonetheless? We all know the frustration of putting documents into folders like “regulatory communication” or “notes” or “documents” that make feeling at the commencing of the case but are completely worthless later on.

In FactBox, you can edit the names of the issues in your case, you can drag/drop them to reorder the hierarchy and you can build sub-issues and sub-sub-issues. You never require to be anxious that if you begin arranging your documents or points, you are going to be caught with that order. Get started out tracking your points from the pretty commencing. Then, instead of moving the points all-around, re-arrange the full case construction at when.

3. Use Timelines and Summaries On a regular basis

So now you have taken notes of your elements. You have transformed the firm of those people points to suit your desires. These actions are worthless if the points close up in a databases no-one seems at.

In FactBox it is effortless to shift your points all-around for a variety of sights of your case.

Want to concentration on a sure date time period? Finished.
Want to concentration on opinions by one witness? Finished.
Want to appear at highlights of a extended transcript? Finished.

Making use of timelines and summaries is so effortless that it becomes a software for arranging your case instead of a endeavor you’d fairly keep away from.

Come by Booth# 503 in the EXPO Hall at TECHSHOW to see FactBox in action.

This is a visitor post from FactBox. Take a look at them at ABA TECHSHOW in the EXPO Hall at Booth #503 and learn a lot more about the Conference. 
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