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By Dennis Crouch

Nowadays the USPTO issued U.S. Patent No. 10,000,000 masking a new form of LADAR invented by Joseph Marron and assigned to Raytheon. [patent10million].

The patent is the 10 millionth issued since the present-day numbering method was recognized in 1836. While the rely has been going for 182 several years, 1-50 % of the patents have been issued around the previous 30 several years. The chart beneath displays the range of U.S. utility patents issued per year around the previous 4 many years with an expected-worth for 2018.

LADAR (Laser detection and ranging) is comparable to RADAR, but uses a gentle emitting LASER as an alternative of radio waves.  These are very well recognized programs, the advancement appears to be that the method can get various inputs inside of a one clock cycle.

Patent No. 10 Million is atypical in many approaches:

  • The ‘000 patent lists a one inventor.  Most new patents checklist various inventors.
  • The ‘000 patent does not claim precedence to or gain from any prior US or Overseas application.  Most new patents include things like at minimum 1 precedence claim.
  • The ‘000 patent lists a U.S. corporate patent operator.  Most new corporate-owned patents are owned by international firms.

Compare, for example Patent No. 10,000,001 — an injection molding creation with various inventors, saying precedence back again to an unique Korean patent application and owned by a Korean corporation.


Dennis Crouch

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