Why Do Americans Own 15 Million AR-15s?

At least 15 million AR-15s or AR-15-type rifles have been marketed in the U.S. considering that 1990, claims the Nationwide Capturing Sporting activities Basis. The AR-15 is the semiautomatic weapon that the Nationwide Rifle Association has selected “America’s rifle.” For some, the Washington Submit experiences, the weapon is beneficial for hunting or safeguarding their property. For a loyal band of thrill-seeking followers, the sleek, militaristic design and style and customizable characteristics make the substantial-run rifle only pleasurable to possess. Most AR-15 proprietors under no circumstances served in the U.S. military services or in law enforcement, and 9 in 10 say their major rationale for owning 1 is for recreational concentrate on shooting. David Chipman, who made use of to carry an AR-15 for his job as a  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent, claims, “I would examine it to the identical rationale Individuals may possibly want a muscle mass vehicle or enjoy a muscle mass vehicle: It is American-built, it has outsized electric power.”

The Submit profiles 1 AR-15 proprietor, Fabian Rodriguez of San Antonio, who encounters lots of skeptics, like his mother, who ask him why any person would need to have so numerous guns, specially a semiautomatic rifle like an AR-15 that can fire 45 substantial-velocity rounds for every minute, bullets that journey so speedy that their shock waves mimic an explosion as they enter a physique. He would like them since he enjoys them, and the Structure offers him the ideal to have them. “I know I do not need to have it,” he claims of the AR-15. “The revolver, statistically speaking, is extra than more than enough to defend myself.” Like the Nationwide Rifle Association, to which he belongs, Rodriguez does not think an assault weapons ban will prevent crime or violence. He does say track record checks should really be far better enforced and that persons like Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz should really not be able to acquire a gun.

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